Beetle Dissection

Beetle Dissection is an online interactive scarab beetle virtual dissection simulation for K-12 audiances.

Sabine Deviche's Contributions to Project Development

  • Development of game functionality
  • Programming: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Design and layout of pages and interface
  • Vector illustrations of beetle
  • Icon design

More About Beetle Dissection

Beetle Dissection brings together photos, illustrations, and x-ray images to give the user the interactive experience of dissecting a scarab beetle (Mecynorrhina torquata). Tools allow user to select between a male or female beetle, zoom and move around the image, select different views (front, side, top, bottom), and slice away sections using the virtual scalpel tool to see the inner organs and anatomy of the beetle. Activating the "inspect" button allows user to click on highlighted areas of the beetle to learn more about the function of a specific part.

Beetle Dissection is part of a larger online lesson about beetle anatomy created for Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist. This activity is fully functional on mobile and tablet devices, and compliant with all modern W3 standards of web development. 

Beetle Dissection, main introduction screen.
Beetle Dissection, main introduction screen.

Client Experiences

Sabine Deviche was our main artistic, creative and technical collaborator on this project. She helped conceptualize the site layout, developed the technical tools to make it work on all devices, and did a masterful artistic job with the drawings. She was critical to this site becoming the best interactive insect anatomy site yet available anywhere on the web, suitable for fun and learning for kindergartners to graduate students.