Collar and Elbow Cover

Cover design and layout for the book Irish Collar and Elbow Wrestling by Ruadhán MacFadden, published by Fallen Rook Publishing (2021). Crossed leg motif based on a previous design by Cristiana Theodoli.

Contributions to Project Development

  • Illustration, design and layout of front cover, back cover, and spine
  • Creation of seamless cloth texture for the background
  • Formatting files to meet the printer's specifications


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About Irish Collar and Elbow Wrestling

Description from Fallen Rook Publishing: This book explores the history of Collar and Elbow, its staggering popularity, its strategies and techniques, how it fit into wider sporting and combative contexts, and examines the causes behind the style’s precipitous disappearance. Given the modern resurgence of interest in grappling sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, might it now be possible to spark a revival of the tradition that was once known worldwide as “the Irish method” of wrestling?

Collar and Elbow cover in print, photo by Keith Farrell
Collar and Elbow cover in print, photo by Keith Farrell
Collar and Elbow, full cover layout
Collar and Elbow, full cover layout

Client Experiences

I've worked with Sabine on two separate projects - a logo and a book cover - and have been immensely satisfied with the results both times. Sabine was always very responsive to my initial ideas, and her suggestions and improvements drove the projects exactly where I wanted them to go. Even with an 8-hr time difference between our locations, communication was quick and efficient. I would eagerly work with her again on any future design projects I have in mind.

~ Ruadhán MacFadden