Frankenstein's Lab

Frankenstein's Lab is an online animal physiology mix and match simulation for K-12 audiances.

Sabine Deviche's Contributions to Project Development

  • Development of concept and game functionality
  • Programming: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Design and layout of pages and interface
  • Vector illustration of all graphics and animal parts
  • Icon design

More About Frankenstein's Lab

In this simulation, you can mix and match animal parts then get feedback on your new creature's capabilities and body part compatibilities. 

Frankenstein's Lab is part of a larger online lesson about animal physiology created for Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist. This activity is fully functional on mobile and tablet devices, and compliant with all modern W3 standards of web development.

Frankenstein's Lab, main page
Frankenstein's Lab, main page
Frankenstein's Lab, simulation page
Frankenstein's Lab, simulation page
Frankenstein's Lab, featured animals
Frankenstein's Lab, featured animals

Client Experiences

I've worked with Sabine in both professional and personal settings and there are many reasons I come back to her time after time with commissions or ideas for new collaborative projects. She is an amazing artist who is able to adapt to any type of project, whether it's one where she must follow directions precisely, or one where her creativity is of utmost necessity for success of the project. She is always open to creative suggestions, but can also take the lead and create beautiful illustrations to go with her original ideas. She picks up new media extremely quickly, she is great at planning out projects and maintaining that needed professional side of a working relationship, and she is overall simply a pleasure to work with. I hope Sabine will keep working with me for years to come!

~ Karla Moeller | Arizona State University