Skeleton Anatomy

Skeleton Anatomy Viewer is an online interactive human skeleton anatomy game for K-12 audiances.

Sabine Deviche's Contributions to Project Development

  • Development of concept and game functionality
  • Programming: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Design and layout of pages and interface
  • Icon design

More About Skeleton Anatomy Viewer

This interactive simulation lets users learn about the bones in the human skeleton, including a front and back view of the full human skeleton. Use Explore mode to get to know the parts of the skeleton and learn about what each part does. Then, play the Game mode to test your knowledge and try to identify the bones based on names or clues. 

Skeleton Anatomy Viewer is part of a larger online lesson about bones created for Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist. This activity is fully functional on mobile and tablet devices, and compliant with all modern W3 standards of web development.

Skeleton Anatomy Viewer, main page
Skeleton Anatomy Viewer, main page
Skeleton Anatomy Viewer, explore mode
Skeleton Anatomy Viewer, explore mode